At about 11:29 PM on Wednesday, February 14...

the easiest way to find me would probably be to go to visit me on myspace. i am the world's worst at updates on here...i'd promise to get better and be here more often, but ya'll know i am by now razz

At about 12:56 AM on Tuesday, June 13...

OMG! i haven't updated in 6 months! shocked yes, i'm still alive and well. guess i've been a bit busy. razz let's see - new brother came home from iraq the end of february (yay! big grin ) daughter started at the high school here in town in january through the school for hearing impaired and is loving it - she made high honor roll for the year. as for hubby and me we're both still loving our jobs. just making friends and keeping busy. smile

i'll update more often - no, really i will! hehe

At about 08:11 PM on Monday, November 28...

I know the article I'm pointing to is from September 26th, but this was our family's synagogue when we lived in Gulfport: Mission of spiritual sustenance to beleaguered Biloxi synagogue

Here's another article: September 23rd - United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism visits the area.

The last several weeks, I've really tuned out anything to do with the hurricane or Mississippi for that matter. I had hit my limit and could no longer deal with it or think about it. My husband told me about these articles last night and about the destroyed homes of people we know. I cried myself back to sleep last night, and then tonight I sat down and read the articles. I empathize so much with these people - with everything that they are going through. My family was fortunate enough to have been renting and to not have to deal with the clean up, etc. We had nothing left to salvage - everything was gone. However, we chose to relocate where we had family, and we are so fortunate to have been able to start over, find good jobs, etc.

The people in Mississippi have been overlooked by the national media - their focus has been on New Orleans. People in Mississippi are still waiting on Red Cross Disaster Assistance checks - something we were able to get 3 days after arriving here. I'm sure there are still people waiting for FEMA assistance as well. The people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast will need continued help for a long time to come - please consider giving to the Red Cross, any of the Jewish relief agencies mentioned in the articles above, or even Feed the Children who has an ongoing hurricane relief effort. Can you imagine having spent your Thanksgiving holiday living in a tent or a tiny little FEMA trailer? What about the children when Chanukah and Christmas roll around in a few short weeks? They need toys, games, books, etc. - something to get their minds off of the mess and debris around them.

Alright, I'll step down off of my soap box...thanks for listening! Now go give back a little more...I have.

At about 10:17 AM on Tuesday, September 6...

We're still in Illinois. We have been in contact either via text msg or by mere chance on the cell phone with most of our friends and co-workers. Some are still down there living in this mess, some evacuated to other states and, like us, are waiting for the call to go home. We spoke to our neighbor who got to go and check out her house. Our house had about 6 feet of water in it and now has nasty sludge sitting in it (seawater, sand, sewage, gasoline, oil, etc.) smelling it up. There is a large pecan tree through the roof over the bedrooms, and siding and soffetting hanging. She said she was told due to the contamination from the sludge and the mold starting to form, that nothing in these homes would be salvageable...not shocking to us. We already knew we'd never be able to move back in. We do have possibility of a new place already though, which I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Hubby has heard from his boss, and as soon as power and water are on and its okay to move into one of his houses (he has to make sure that there was no water damage, otherwise, we have have to wait for inspectors to check the wiring in the house). I have been in contact with people from work and our office manager. Our building sustained only minor damage - water got in due to some broken windows. Now we just have to wait to find out when we are going to reopen and when do we get our paychecks - both hubby and I left without paychecks (he was to get paid 08/29/05 and I was to get paid on 09/01/05).

Will post more as I learn more...

At about 10:47 AM on Wednesday, August 31...

My husband referred to all the evacuees and these poor people from New Orleans that are being sent to Texas as the "Southern Diaspora" - the wandering southerners. blush It does feel like that - we don't know if we have a home, although we have pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably do not. We're looking for any kind of job up here to keep money coming in and pay our bills - still have a car payment and car insurance and credit card bills to pay. This was payday week, and we don't know if we'll ever see those...some day hopefully but in the meantime, we have to worry about bills. I've done up my resume and am going to fax it around today and hit some temp places in the morning. I've also got a number for FEMA to get our names into the system for some kind of assistance. Even though we rent, we have stuff we have to replace. We have our 17-year-old daughter, our 3 dachshunds, 2 clothes baskets of clothes, a couple pair of shoes each, a lap top and desk top computer (yep, we brought 'em! razz ), a sewing machine, and my husband brought his tefillin, Tanakh, and siddur. That's what we own all fits into the corner of my mother's sewing room. But I feel fortunate to have that much.

Visit The Sunherald to see new pictures and keep up with what's going on in Gulfport and Biloxi. Make sure to read Town by Town Reports and about the bodies along the waterfront in Biloxi. We have friends that live down there that more than likely did not leave; I have friends whose family members live down there...I pray they left.

I think I'm still in shock because I'm so removed from this right now and only see pictures on television and online. I finally cried over it today...not so much that I've lost anything. Just for all of it in general...its such a beautiful area and the people are great - its so hard to think of all of it destroyed so quickly. I'm just so anxious for phone lines to get up or at least cell phones - I'll feel so much better when I hear the voices of my friends and know they're okay.

I'll check in later tonight or tomorrow. sad

At about 04:24 PM on Tuesday, August 30...

We're stuck watching what little they can show us from Gulfport and Biloxi on Fox News, CNN, and The Weather Channel. I came in to check stuff online. There are some pictures on The Sunherald" and there is a story about a family that lives right around the corner from us. I emailed the reporter that did the story to see if he knows anything about our house. We'll have to just wait and see. I'm getting a little frustrated at not being able to check on my friends and neighbors and to find out what happened to our office - I work for an endocrinologist in Gulfport and we're on Railroad just north of the railroad tracks. I figure half of our office has already been looted. angry, grrAnyway, I'll keep posting as I find out more information.

At about 08:50 PM on Monday, August 29...

We had a mandatory evacuation yesterday due to Hurricane Katrina. We stayed last night in Tupelo, and then came up today to my mom's in Marion, Illinois. We live 2 blocks off of Hwy 90 in Gulfport, Mississippi...just a couple of miles from where Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel was reporting from the US Armed Forces Retirrement Home. We have no idea if our place is still standing, flooded, or damaged in any way. We cannot get in touch with anyone via cell phone or land line. We're stuck up here with no idea what's going on. I'm praying all my friends are okay. Now, its back to watching Fox News and any other channel I can to get glimpses of Gulfport and Biloxi. *sigh* confused

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